EULID, Euro Living Donor

This project is receiving co-funding from the European Union in the framework of the EU Health Programme 2003-2008.


News and events

“XXVIII Edition of Transplant Coordinators Annual Meeting” Ana Menjivar
On the first days of November 2013, from 6th till 8th, in Alicante, Spain was held the “XXVIII Edition of Transplant Coordinators Annual Meeting”. LIDOBS group was represented in this meeting by Dr. Ana Menjivar. Both projects: European Living Donors psychosocial Follow-up (ELIPSY) and Psychosocial impact of donation process on the Living organ donors (FIS project) were presented by oral presentations in the session of the meeting. For more information please visit the webpage of the conference. Day: Thursday, 11/07/2013
Place: Alicante, Spain
Organize: Coordinación Autonómica de Trasplantes de la Comunidad Valenciana; Organización Nacional de Trasplantes; Equipo de Coordinación de Trasplantes del Hospital General de Alicante

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