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ELIPSY, Euro Living Donor Psychosocial Follow-up

This project is receiving co-funding from the European Union in the framework of the EU Health Programme 2008-2013.


The main objective of the ELIPSY project is to contribute to guarantee the good quality of organ living donation for transplant through a living donor long-term psychosocial and quality of life follow-up. Also to correlate those aspects with the recipient’s outcome with the creation of a follow-up methodology.


ELIPSY main objective is to create a follow-up methodology and tools for the harmonisation of living donor follow-up practices in EU countries.

This methodology will contribute to assure living donors' health and safety.

Summary - ELIPSY project

European Living Donor Psychosocial Follow-Up (ELIPSY) a multicenter study, co-funded by EAHC during the years 2009 – 2012, conducted in six centres of different European countries (Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey).

Proyecto actual “Impacto Psicosocial del Proceso de Donación en el donante Vivo de Órganos”.

Actualmente el grupo LIDOBS esta llevando a cabo el proyecto FIS “Impacto Psicosocial del Proceso de Donación en el donante Vivo de Órganos”, se trata de una investigación a nivel nacional donde se evalúan aspectos físicos y psicológicos de los donantes vivos, a través de la realización de un cuestionario anónimo.

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Ana Menjivar

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