Living Donor Registry (only for professionals)

EULID, Euro Living Donor

This project is receiving co-funding from the European Union in the framework of the EU Health Programme 2003-2008.


This project has been developed to reach a consensus on European common standards regarding legal, ethical, protection and registration practices in relation to organ living donors, to guarantee their health and safety.


EULID's main objective is to guarantee living donors health and safety.

The project is structured in 4 working groups: Legislation and ethical concerns regarding living donation; Protection of the living donor in European countries; Registry database; and Coordination.

EULID: Euro Living Donor

Ja teniu a la vostra disposició la Guia Informativa Sobre la Donació d’Òrgans De Viu creada durant el Projecte EULID.

EULID: Euro Living Donor

Ya tenéis a vuestra disposición la Guía Informativa Sobre La Donación de Órganos De Vivo creada durante el Proyecto EULID.
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